Scenik Frameless Glass
Fencing and Balustrade D.I.Y

Scenik have developed a truly simple to install system that can be installed with ease by most home owners throughout NZ, the Frameless Glass Fencing and Balustrade system can be installed very easily and fast using some basic tools that most home owners will have in their garage, if going into concrete you will require the use of a dyna drill.

Scenik have developed a selection of preferred installer throughout NZ that have the ability and equipment to install your frameless glass for you. Please call 0800 235 2473 for more information of the installers in your area.

Tools you will need


We are always happy and available to answer questions regarding installation no matter how small or insignificant you think they may be. Technical and installation advice is available on 0800 235 2473.

Download Our Installation Guide (1.8mb)


Scenik can help turn your design into reality.

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